31 MARCH 2019

KCBS Sanctioned BBQ event

hosted by Burning Love BBQ Team

About us

On 30 and 31 March 2019, Lommel is going to be the BBQ centre of Europe. For the second time the Spring Break BBQ Contest is being held here. Teams from all over Europe will compete in 4 categories. This contest is an official KCBS certified event. We follow the KCBS rules and regulations. We are also a qualifier for the Belgian Championship Low and Slow BBQ 2019.

The contest will be held during the spring break weekend, when we switch over from winter to summer time. Because of this, teams will have one hour less to prepare their meat. Competition for the best place is held in 4 categories, chicken, ribs, pork and brisket. Teams will arrive on Saturday, set up their BBQs and make preparations for the contest. Sunday at noon, teams start turning in their dishes.

New this year is that we have a 5th category to compete (not mandatory), 'Desserts' !

We welcome you all!

!! On Saturday we also host a SCA Steak Cookoff !!

Registration Options

Early Bird

Valid till 31 Aug 2018
  • 4mx10m spot
  • Team fee
  • Team reception
  • Team breakfast
  • 2 garbage bags
  • €20 in Burning Love coins

€ 200

Register Now

Team Ticket

  • 4mx10m spot
  • Team fee
  • Team reception
  • Team breakfast
  • 2 garbage bags
  • €20 in Burning Love coins

€ 220

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SCA Ticket

     Combined with KCBS : € 50
     SCA only : € 65


Register Now

The money transfer date is taken into account for Early Bird, not the registration date.

Registration for the SCA Steak Cookoff is via email.
Registration is €50 if you also participate in the KCBS contest on Sunday, €65 if you only register for SCA.

The place to be

The place to be for the BBQ contest is an old football field in the suburbs of Lommel, namely Heeserbergen. Closeby is a community center, a bakery, a grocery store, a snackbar with great Belgian fries and a lovely restaurant.

To reach the venue, your GPS should get you to 'Jan Frans Willemstraat 58, 3920 Lommel, Belgium'.


Arrival Early Birds

Teams who want, can already arrive on March 29. Arrival on Friday is only permitted prior to a reservation. Please contact us via email if you want to arrive on Friday.


The check-in booth will be located at the south entrance of the football field, at the back side of the community centre. It's NOT ALLOWED to enter the venue directly with your car. You need to check in first and we will guide you to your spot on the field.

SCA Cooks Meeting

SCA Team captains come and pickup your steak.

Bar Open

Real authentic and local Belgian beers are served!

SCA Turn-In

Turn in those perfectly grilled steaks!

Cooks Meeting

A cooks meeting will be held. We welcome all team captains at the judging area.

SCA Award Ceremony

Who grilled the perfect steak ??


A reception with free draft beer will be given at the bar. You are invited to come over and bring your appetizers to share with the other teams.

Farm fries and very tasty chicken ragout is served for free, thanks to our sponsors.

Quiet time

Quiet time is from 23h until 07h. You entered a competition, so quiet time must be respected. Do not run the risk of being disqualified.

Remember this is the spring break weekend, so you get one hour sleep less tonight.


To start the competition day officially we invite all teams at bar for a 7-O-7 for good luck. A complimentary breakfast will be given.


Competition kick-off, good luck to all teams!
Open for visitors


12h00 - Chicken
12h30 - Pork ribs
13h00 - Pork
13h30 - Brisket
14h00 - Dessert

Award Ceremony

Everyone is invited to be present at the bar for the award ceremony.


The venue is open for visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 10u00.

Entrance is free

- Foodtruck 'Rudi Snacks' server delicious french fries, Bicky Burgers and snacks
- The bar is open for some local Quercus beer or non alcoholic beverages

Watch all teams in action preparing their best BBQ dishes for the competition

We welcome you all!

Wild Woodpecker BBQ demo

During the weekend you can taste delicious BBQ snacks at this demo booth
Thanks to Carmans !


The Spring Break BBQ contest follows the official KCBS rules and regulations. You can download the rules here.

Cars can enter the terrain for unloading purposes only! No cars are allowed on the terrain and must be parked in the designated areas.
Trailers and mobile homes are welcome on the terrain, as long as they fit in your area of 4m x 10m. Once placed on the terrain, they cannot leave until Sunday after the event.
UDS's or BBQ's may not be placed underneath a tent. They must remain in open air at all time.
Quiet time: 23:00 - 07:00.
A metal container will be provided by the organisation for ashes.
Every team will be provided with 2 waste bags.
Teams can buy additional waste bags during the event.
Only waste bags provided by the organisation are allowed.
Teams must place their waste bags in the designated area on the competition area. More info will follow on the team captain meeting.
At arrival, during check-in, a € 50 deposit is asked. This deposit will be returned on departure, after the team has cleaned up their area completely.

Every team must be in possession of a 5 kg fire extinguisher.
Every team must be in possession of a fire blanket.
Every team must be in possession of first aid kit.
Electric or propane-gas devices for heating or cooking are not allowed on the competition area.

Payments can only be made online via bank transfer directly with your registration. Once your payment is accepted your registration is complete and your place in our competition is guaranteed.

We do NOT accept cancellations of any kind on any given moment. A registration is final.

Prices & Awards

- Grand Champion -

€ 500 sponsored by MC Cars

Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller

- Reserve Grand Champion -

€ 250 sponsored by Lotto

- Champions -

Champions in the 4 main categories receive a Smok'n Gun by Smokey Bandit BBQ

- 2nd Place -

2nd Places in the 4 main categories receive a Smoker Starter Pack by Smokey Bandit BBQ

Champions, 2nd and 3rd places in each category are awarded a beautiful, hand crafted contemporary glass artwork, created by an artist of the famous glass centre in Lommel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It's common in a KCBS event that teams bring their own meat to the competition. As a minimum you need:
A pork shoulder, Boston Butt cut
A brisket
Chicken meat
Pork ribs

Yes, before you start, the meat must be inspected by a contest official. It's the team's captain responsibility to get his meat checked and approved.

No. A car park is nearby to park your car on.

Yes. Trailers and mobile homes are allowed. Keep in mind that the designated area for your team is 4m x 10m. The trailer and tent must fit in this place.

Yes, but you will not receive any refund. Since organising a high quality BBQ contest costs a lot of time and effort, we expect the same commitment from participating teams and judges.

Photos 2018 Edition

Contact us

Burning Love BBQ Team | A. Rodenbachstraat 10 | BE-3920 LOMMEL | BELGIUM


A big thanks to our sponsors for their indispensable support !!